Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bacon-Ranch Pasta Salad

I seem to be on a recipe kick. I guess it's because summer is the time of get-togethers.  I made the cake (posted Sunday) and this salad for a BBQ at church. This salad is really super simple.  Amounts are approximate- you can adjust everything to your crowd.

Bacon- Ranch Pasta Salad

1 pkg. pasta
(I used rotini because that's what I had on hand.)
1 pkg. bacon-chopped into small pieces
(Or be industrious and fry your own.)
2 c. shredded cheese
2c. ranch dressing (approx.)*
optional ingredients:
diced onion
sliced black olives
diced tomatoes
diced bell pepper

*I make my own ranch, but your favorite from a bottle will work also.

Prepare pasta according to package directions, drain, and rinse with cold water.  When pasta is completely cool (and completely drained) combine with bacon and cheese. Add optional ingredients if desired.  DO NOT add dressing until you are ready to serve!  This is important.  If you add the dressing too early, you come up with a solid lump (and it's pretty icky).  You can adjust the amount of dressing to your taste.

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