Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scenes from a (Sunlit) Sunday

What a lovely Sunday! Looks more like spring than winter! I wanted to take a long walk but this lovely cold I'm battling won't let me. Intead I replanted my tomato seedlings, started some hot pepper plants, and took a short walk around the yard.

It's hard to believe they're talking about a wintry mix tomorrow when it's so lovely out today! I'm enjoying it while I can. Y'all know I'm just not much of a winter girl.

I refilled the bird and squirrel feeders just in case the weather man is right. I hope he isn't, although a free day off is always nice. My child is hoping for the blizzard of the century.

I found these egg sacks on the butterfly bush beside the goldfish pond. Are these praying mantis egg sacks? I HOPE so! Not only are they my favorite insect but they are also helpful in controlling harmful insects. There were three of them If you know about this, I'd appreciate your input!

The sky is an incrdible shade of blue today. I know it's early February, but days like today keep a country girl like me hanging on. It reminds us that spring is coming.

A couple of buttercups (daffodils to y'all yankees) are already blooming in the yard. I've said in previous posts that my daddy told me buttercups are notorious liars. You can't believe it when they tell you it is sprng time. It is comon to see their little yelow heads pushing up through the snow.

  Forgive the shadow in the picture below. My camera has died on me. I've got to purchase a new one. I am making do with the phone until I can pick out a new one.

Hope your Sunday has been a lovely one whereever you chose to spend it!



  1. Beautiful blue sky and very pretty daffodils. It looks like spring in your part of the world.

  2. A blizzard after those signs of spring would be quite disappointing! The daffodils are so very pretty and bright.

    1. Thank you! the temps tpnight are dipping into the teens :(.thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. It does look like spring is starting to pop up in your area! Daffodils are a pretty clear sign of that. I don't know what those sacks are, unfortunately. Love that blue sky, by the way.