Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring is Getting Closer.... (Scenes from a Sunday)

Spring is coming! (Thank Goodness!!)

Tiny signs of spring are popping up all over. (These pics aren't great, because they were taken with my iPhone.)

I had to re-pot some of my tomatoes and eggplants today. I still feel they are too small for this time of year. My husband reminded me that I usually plant too early (I get too excited!) and they get too leggy. I was right on schedule this year.

They look so tiny and short now that they are repotted! The tomatoes will grow roots all along that stem I covered up. By next week they should be taller and stronger.

It's been a long week. I'm still recovering from a nasty round of the flu. I feel much better, but still exhausted. I think I will be playing catch up from now on.

It's been a beautiful weekend! I visited the local flea market yesterday and found a guy selling old church and community cookbooks for a dollar each! (Those are the absolute BEST for real recipes!) I came home with a small stack to add to my collection. 

After church and my re-potting session I've tried to take some time to just write, read, and relax. I went through some old editions of Mother Earth News (I never EVER throw those away). As usual, I learned something new...until I broke my favorite pair of glasses. 

Oh there is a chicken casserole in the oven. My hubs turned the garden, my daughter is practicing her new skill of riding without training wheels. Life is good here on the mountain. I'm blessed.

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  1. It sounds good....all except the flu part...:( Hope you are feeling better soon. I also can't wait to plant things!! Hopefully soon! Have a great week!