Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Berry's Eagle Cam

Berry College is has always been impressive to me.  Not only is it the world's largest college campus, it is definitely the most beautiful. Not just a place for the  students, it plays a large part in the life of the local community. Families visit to ride the bike trail, have picnics, view wildlife and learn about local history.

And now, Berry has added something that has got everyone talking- the Eagle Cam. The camera focuses on the nest of a pair of bald eagles. The female laid two eggs back in January. The first one hatched last Saturday. The entire Northwest Georgia area went wild! The other egg should hatch any day now. Everyone is watching and waiting... and talking. Students are watching and discussing it in class, families are watching at home. People are talking about it on Facebook and tweeting about it on Twitter.

My first graders sat in rapt attention and they watched the mother proudly feed her young tiny pieces of fish. Later, the father returned to the nest and fed the baby as well. It is fascinating to watch these beautiful creatures going about their daily lives.

To view the Eagle Cam, click here.  

Thank you, Berry, for sharing this wonderful part of your world!

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