Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Seed Starting and Hoping for Spring (Snowmageddon, Day 2)

I feel like my guineas, Hugh and Sadie up there in the tree- cold and none to impressed with mother nature.  Was it really just this past Sunday that I was starting some seeds and getting all excited about spring? Sure, the snow was beautiful, and I DO love snow. However, today it is starting to melt and that second wave of snow they called for has yet to prove itself to be more than a nasty rumor. What we have now is a combination of unmelted snow, yucky refreezing slush...and cold. Just plain cold. Southern folks don't do winter, y'all.

My seeds from Baker Creek arrived last week. I got all excited! (Forgive the glare on the photos- had to use my iPhone and the track lights in my kitchen are rather unforgiving at times.)

I've been ordering from Baker Creek since 2007 and have never been disappointed. I get high quality seeds with excellent germination rates- and, best of all, NO GMO's!!!! (If you are buying your seeds at a local store, you might wanna google GMO's and rethink that...)

My little seed stash is a big ol' hot mess, but I love it! It holds spring!!! I had to do a quick inventory to see what I needed. I made my veggie order, but I need to re-order some flowers as well. I can't order it all at once, unfortunately.

I went over my notes in my garden planner. I used to use a blank journal, but I bought this one on Amazon a couple years ago and I love it! It is full of helpful hints and advice, as well as a timetable for garden chores. You just fill in your own last frost date and go from there.

Another helpful item is this handy little sliding table I bought from Baker Creek. It has spring dates on one side, fall on the other. It cost me lass than $3.00 a couple years ago.

I decided to save money on seed starting this year by recycling household items. I used quite a few egg cartons. I'm also using Styrofoam meat trays (which I have used in the past), plastic produce bags from the grocery (as covers) and various other odds and ends. (Seeds don't much care what you start them in- as long as it is warm and humid.)

There are so many benefits to starting your own seeds. (See my previous posts here,  here and here.) For one thing, when you purchase from a reputable company, you know what you are getting. GMO's are dangerous and, unless you enjoy being a guinea pig, you are better off buying heirloom seeds from a reliable source. Also, when you save your own seeds, you save tons of money and develop plants more suited to your own area. 

So, here I sit in my hoodie and sweats while the rest of the family is out sledding. Atlanta News is calling for about 6 more inches of snow before morning. (Of course, they called for an inch today and I have yet to see that happen.) Thankfully, we are safe and have power. I think I will get out my pen and paper and draw off some garden plans. 

Think spring.....

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