Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New seeds & New books!

My new seeds are starting to arrive! This is better than Christmas! I can't wait to get these babies into the ground!
This shipment came from Baker Creek ( I am so ready to get started!
We are having to build a new grow rack this year. The old one has seen better days :/. I have an idea I am thinking of trying...hmm...
more to come.....
I've been reading this AWESOME book:
I got his book on Amazon. It is spiral bound and it is really a workbook. You write in your last frost date, and work from there. It tells you what needs to be done each week as far as seeds, new plants, last year's stock, gardening equipment, etc.
I am also keeping these handy:

My grandparents (great grands, etc.) firmly believed in the signs. I do, too. I will probably devote another blog to that subject alone. However, my parents, (who worked outside the home) also came upon this issue: Suppose that, according to the signs, you should plant beans on Tuesday-Thursday this week. Unfortunately, you have to work late those days. What do you do? You plant them on Saturday or whenever you can. You do the best you can, when you can, however you can,, Then you pray, have faith, and let God do the rest.
That's the way it is with everything in life, really. Isn't it?

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