Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a peaceful weekend! After a week of Monday-ballet, Wednesday-dentist, Thursday-PTO, Friday-groceries and errands (all after a full work day) I was so grateful to be at home. After spending Saturday morning cleaning up the house and catching up on the laundry, I put on a slow cooker of home made chili and made some bacon-ranch roll-ups. They are a super-easy addition to chili, soup- you name it.
To make the roll-ups, just open a package of crescent roll-dough roll it out into two long triangles. (It automatically comes out of the package like this. Just don't divide into triangles.) Pinch the seams together firmly. Cover each rectangle with Ranch dressing and sprinkle with bacon pieces. I buy the pre-cooked kind, but if you are feeling all industrious- fry your own. :) Cover with shredded sharp cheddar and roll up "jelly-roll" style. Slice into thin (about 1/4 in) slices and bake at 400 until golden brown. They would probably slice easier if they were chilled awhile- but who wants to wait?
Bacon-Ranch Roll-Ups
I don't measure things much when I cook. I go on a look or  a feeling. That's how my mother and both my grandmothers cooked. To me, a recipe is just a suggestion- a springboard for your own creativity. I'd like to come up with some new versions of these roll-ups. If you have some- please share!
I finally placed my seed orders today. After a careful inventory of my seed box, I discovered that I needed less than I thought. Therefore, I ordered some NEW things...ha! I can't wait til I start them!
Well, Manic Monday is rapidly approaching. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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