Monday, January 16, 2012

A Peaceful Day Off

Today was a nice, quiet day. My little one decided to visit my parents. My husband decided to go visit a friend- discussing chickens as always. I had the place to myself for awhile. I did a little reorganizing in the guest room (ie: threw out some junk) and then settled in with the Baker Creek Seed Catalog to work on my wish list. Its a really big wish list...I may have to pare it down a little (lot). It was so nice there curled up in the recliner by the wood stove...but...alas, the real world returns. Mondays are ballet nights, so we had to get ready and head over to the ballet studio.  It was awfully hard to leave my recliner, but I just thought of all those times my mama had to take me here and there. And one day I will want these days back.
It's back to work tomorrow, so let's put on our Tuesday face. Have a great one...

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