Monday, January 23, 2012

On friendship...and curing a wart with a banana peel

When we get older it seems our friends get fewer. However, I think quality is better than quantity when it comes to friends. I eat lunch every day with 3 of the sweetest, smartest women on earth. Why on earth they let me hang out with them is beyond me...
My friend Amber is the creative genius. You name it- if it's an art or a craft, this girl can do it. She can paint, she can draw, she plans cool themed birthday parties. (At one of her little girl's birthday parties, I swear the inside of the birthday cake had zebra stripes. the INSIDE- not the icing!) You could hand her any piece of junk and she could (1) make it beautiful and (2) make it useful.
Kelli is the decorating and green thumb genius. If she will let me, I will take some pics of the flowers in her yard and around her pool. It's amazing. She knows so much about plants and gardening. And she can some up with some interesting adventures...but that's another blog....
Dawn is the culinary genius. Her cakes are beautiful- and they taste like heaven. And she isn't the least bit snooty about it. If you say, "How did you get this flavor?" she will tell you. I always tell her she could be famous if she owned her own bakery- but she just got her degree in education. That suits her, too because she is so great with kids.
So, by now, you are asking yourself, "Why do these amazing chicks eat lunch with HER every day?" Beats me...but I sure am glad they do. I learn something new every day.... Which brings me to the banana.
Now, I am much newer in this mama business than my friends.  Things that worry me and stress me out are old hat to them. They can calm me down with a "No big deal" wave of the hand. No matter the issue, they have an answer.
Today I was worried about a wart on my little girl's hand. The pediatrician said not to freeze it. The medicated band aids won't stick, because of the location (on her palm).  I was worrying (as usual). "Oh, it's no big deal. Lots of kids get those! Mine get them, Kelli assured me.
"I put a banana peel on my little girl's wart. It worked, added Amber.
A banana peel?
Yep- she attached a piece of banana peel to the wart with a band aid (told you she was creative) and left it over night. After a few nights, it is working.
It got me to thinking (as most things do). I had a great uncle who took a plantar wart of my foot when I was a child... and he didn't touch my foot or even lay eyes on me to do it. He just asked for my full name written on a piece of paper. A few days later, the plantar seed fell out of my foot and never came back. He could also say some words to stop a nose bleed.  I just happened to mention this fact....
My friends wanted to know if I learned to do this. No. I wish I had, but I never did. There are rules, like passing from blood to blood, and/ or male to female. The rules change with the region and the family.
 Now, I find this part of my family's past fascinating, but growing up it is just the way things were. One female family member had a stye on her eye, so she stood by the road and said, "Stye, stye come off my eye and get on the next one that passes by." The next day, it was gone- and her school bus driver had a stye. Coincidence? Maybe...but if the stye is gone (and the wart is gone, and the nose bleed stops) it's all good, isn't it?

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