Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seed Shoppin'!

I've never been  a fan of winter (except for when it snows). I'm more of a spring, summer, and fall kind of girl. During those seasons I can be outside moving and doing. But winter...well, winter is just... (sigh) a time of waiting. One thing I love about January, though- it is also a time of planning. I'm already making plans for my flower beds, planning to redo an old herb garden, and best of all, planning the vegetable garden! January is the time for seed shoppin'!
I got out my seed box today. My mom and my grandmother taught me to store my seeds in the freezer, and I really feel their way is the best. Unfortunately, my freezer is pretty full. (Come to think of it, that isn't really what I would call unfortunate...) For the past couple of years I have had to settle for an airtight plastic container with a few desiccant packs added for keeping out the moisture. The packs are pretty easy to come by- they pack them in with every pair of shoes or coat you buy these days. You know- they have those little beads in them and they say DO NOT EAT. Which makes you wonder..... but  I digress...  Back to the seed box- First thing I have to do is figure out what I already have and what I need to buy.  I didn't  save as many seeds as I should have last year. (My grandmothers would be very disappointed in me, I guess.) It looks like I am going to have to buy some tomato, bean, and corn seeds at least. And I can never resist buying a few new things- just to try for the fun of it!
My all-time favorite seed company is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( Their seeds are 100% pure- no hybrids or GMOs here! ( I can save that rant for another blog.) Everything I get from them is WONDERFUL!  My other favorite is R.H.Shumway's ( I look forward to my seed catalogs coming every year. It's the first sign that spring is coming!
 I'm a seed lover- a garden lover. I can't go in the local garden center without buying a couple of seed packs. When we go there as a family, we automatically split up. David and Haley head for the baby chicks and I head for the seeds and plants.  (Never mind that our original  purpose for the visit is usually to buy feed.)  Eventually David and Haley venture to the plants (and I pass them on my way to view the chicks). When we leave we have a couple plants, a couple packs of seeds, a box of chicks( or keets)...and (oh, yeah) the feed.
Shopping for seeds is the best part of January. The seeds are a promise- a sign of hope- spring is on it's way!

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