Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Garden Planning

I've said it before, and I'll say it again- the only thing that gets me through the winter is planning for spring. Gardening time is just around the corner!
 I've decided to go with raised beds this year.  My daughter and I will be doing the work, so I feel like going back to raised beds will be best for us.
Next, of course, comes the question of cost. My paycheck has been cut immensely from furlough days.  The new taxes will cut it even more. I got online and did a little investigating.  My old raised beds were made of wood. Eventually, the wood rotted, but I got several years out of them.  Raised beds can be made from almost anything you have on hand- wood, concrete blocks, etc.
 I decided to take a walk and see what I have on hand here at home.  I found a good bit of landscaping timber that can be re-purposed.  I know that some people have a problem with this, due to chemicals leaching into the soil.  I know it's a possibility, but, at least for this year, a couple of our beds will be made from landscaping timber.  I also found concrete flower bed edging that I can re-purpose.  I have 16 pieces encircling trees.  I'm going to  plant perennials around those trees for a more informal look and use the edging for gardening beds.  Lastly, I found two of these wooden pallet box-things.  I think one of these might be good for composting. Ya think?

  I also found another wooden pallet that could be useful as well.  This will give us something to work on in the coming months.
I got out my seeds and rummaged around. I don't think I have anything that I just have to order this year (thankfully).  I keep my seeds in this plastic container, with silica gel packs added to prevent moisture. Every time I come upon a new silica pack (new shoes, etc) I throw it in the box.  I know some people use the freezer, which is great if you have the space. Unfortunately, we don't.  My grandmother used Mason jars.  In today's hard times, you make the best of what you have.
Even though I don't have any pressing needs, I still enjoy browsing seed catalogs.  I always find something new that I've never tried before.  With my small budget this year I may not get to try much- but, hey it's fun to look!
I found this great book last year on Amazon. It's a combination guide and journal.  I can record what I did each week from year-to-year and look back for reference.
It's ugly and brown outside today (although unseasonably warm).  Rain and bad weather are approaching.  It's nice to know that, beneath winter's chill, spring lies waiting for us all.  We can snuggle up indoors and plan.. and dream.

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