Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Cold, Grey Day

I'm just not a winter person.  I can't stand cold, grey days like this.  I caught myself looking around outside and thinking, "Ugh". But then I thought, wait- nature is beautiful.  Every season has it's own beauty.  I decided to take a walk and take a few pics.  If nothing else, I needed the fresh air. It rains almost every day now, so we can't get out much.  Nothing like a short walk to change your attitude and give you a new perspective. Mother Nature is beautiful. She changes with every season.

 A view of Devil's Hollow

Another view from my side of the hollow 

 Rosie the pony sharing her sweet feed with a rooster.  They eat together every day.

My best buddies.  They love to walk in the woods. 

Black Giant hens 

White Leghorn Rooster

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