Sunday, December 30, 2012

House Cleaning vs. House Cleansing

I hate cleaning house.  The only thing I hate worse than cleaning house is a dirty house.  Therefore, like it or not, it has to be done.  But, while we all have our own system and schedule for cleaning our house, do we all really take the time to cleanse our house?  House cleaning involves those fun chores we all do to rid our house of the dirt, dust, clutter and grime that go along with daily living.  House cleansing, however, involves ridding our house off the clutter and uncleanliness that we can't see.
I first became aware of the need tor routine house cleansing a few years ago.  My daddy (in the south we don't have fathers we have daddies) has a friend who is Native American and is also a Christian Evangelist.  His life on the reservation as well as his life as evangelist have made him very strong and devout spiritually.  He is very knowledgeable on the matter and is fascinating to talk with.  One evening I was telling him about things that had been going on in our life- not horrible things, but small things, arguments, tension, stress  He informed me that these things gather in homes along with illness and other forms of negativity.  They can be caused by and also attract negative entities to the home.  The atmosphere of the home feels heavy.  Family members are affected.  They may feel sick, depressed, or angry.  Arguments and tantrums may result (and the negativity builds).  He offered to do a house cleansing for me.  The house cleansing he did was Christian based, because that is our faith.  However, people of other faiths cleanse their houses of negativity as well.  People have different ways of doing their cleansing, and you have to do what works for you.
When he did our cleansing, he went through the house praying and putting blessed oil above each door way.  He went form room to room claiming our house in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and banished all forms of negativity asking that they be bound in the name of Christ.  (This is a Bible -based spiritual belief that what is bound on earth shall also be bound in heaven, and what the Lord binds can not be broken.)  Even my husband, who is more skeptical than I am, said he could feel a difference in the atmosphere of our home.  It felt lighter, happier.
For centuries, people have blessed their homes in different ways.  Some people keep a horseshoe nailed above their front door (we do).  Some people sprinkle salt in their doorways, around windows, or completely around their homes to keep out negative energies, entities, and even negative people.  (Have you considered the fact that negative people visiting your home can leave behind their own negativity?) Some people cleanse their house daily through prayer alone.  Some burn sage or rosemary. Some light candles.  The important things are faith and intent. Do you have faith that what you are doing will rid your home of negativity?  While you are performing the cleansing, are you focused on your full intent to rid your home of negative energy, negative entities, sickness, poverty, depression, anger, etc?  That's what's important- faith and intent.
Maybe you're skeptical.  What would it hurt to try it, though?  You may be surprised at the results. You may decide to make house cleansing a regular part of your house cleaning.

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