Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No TV Nights (No, really)

Call me crazy ( you won't be the first) but I've started having No TV Nights. This isn't some law I am imposing- by the time I sit down in the evenings, no one is here and awake except me anyway. The point is- I used to keep the TV playing all the time. For back ground noise, I guess? One night I suddenly realized that  everything on TV that night was (imeo- in my expert opinion) stupid. That night I simply turned off the TV and did what I was doing with the TV on- I read a book. The quiet was ....awesome! It was relaxing, soothing...
So now, several nights a week, I turn off the TV and read.  Right now, of course, I am blogging. Still, the only sounds I hear are the aquarium right behind me...and that supposedly silent dishwasher, (I don't care, truthfully, if that dishwasher is louder than hades- it washes dishes, OK?) Say what you want about country living- I've lived on this mountain all my life and there isn't a thing romantic or fun about washing dishes. Modern conveniences have their merits.
Do you ever just turn off the noise and enjoy the silence? Granted, it isn't as nice as sitting on the porch at night. However, it's colder than a witch's..well, it's cold out there, OK? I'm sitting here by the wood stove enjoying the silence and counting my blessings.
Try a No TV Night sometime. You might surprise yourself.

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