Monday, December 30, 2013

A Photo Tribute to Belle

Our sweet Belle has been missing since Christmas. She just disappeared. Out here off the main road, on the back side of the mountain, it is rare (but not unheard of) for dogs to be stolen. We really think she fell victim to a hunter or a trapper, if not a wild animal.
Our hearts are broken. We have searched high and low. I really am thankful for neighbors and friends who have helped us search. One minute she was here, and the next she was gone...just gone.

She was a mix breed- we never were really sure what kind of dog she was. But here is what we did know-

She was faithful and brave. When we came home at night, she wanted to go in the house first and check things out. 

She loved kids, food (ALL FOOD), chasing rabbits, going for walks..and lying on furniture when no one was looking.

She hated coyotes- all coyotes. She didn't even watch Roadunner. She HATED coyotes.

She loved giving kisses and getting loving from everyone.

She ws a great family pet and we sure do miss her.

She always ran to meet us when she heard us coming up the driveway. She did her wagging "hello family" dance and checked everyone out to make sue we were ok.

She was extremely protective of my daughter.

Here she is doing what she loved best- running and exploring!

 She was a good friend and faithful companion. I'd give anything to walk outside and see her running out of the woods. I sure wish she would come home.

We miss you Belle Belle.


  1. Wishing and praying for Belle to arrive back home soon! ~ my heart goes out to you and your family ~ carol, xxx