Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday Skywatch

I took these sky photos as part of the Friday Skywatch meme. I used to participate every week. I haven't been able to participate as much, thanks to work, peewee sports, and life in general. Wait- that is SO NOT ME! I am so ashamed of getting sucked up into the peewee trap, which I feel is one of the most anti-family institutions in America. (My blog, my opinion...) As for work, I am slowly learning what is expected of me and, therefore, I am slowly getting my life organized. New jobs are tough, even when you love what you do.
I am so grateful to have some tome off and just enjoy being at home with my family. I took these photos this morning here in the yard. Nothing says Georgia sky like Sweetgum balls and pine trees...


  1. Ah Georgia seems to remind me a lot of where I visited in Florida

  2. Lovely skies… I see heart formations in the branches of the first few photos. Happy New Year:-)