Sunday, February 12, 2012

What happened to spring?  I thought General Beauregard said it was on its way!  Here I am huddled up by the wood stove trying to keep warm, wishing for flip flop weather. I finally had all I could stand and decided to take a walk (albeit brief) around the yard and down the road through the woods in front of the house. It's amazing how a short walk can clear the mind and relieve stress. Fresh air does wonders for the soul.

This is a spot across the hollow from us that was cleared off last summer. I honestly hope no one puts a house there. I hate to sound selfish, but this is my retreat-my quiet place. The thought of seeing another house from my yard depresses me. I like other people- and I love my neighbors. However, I treasure my solitude.
 The sky was amazing today! I had to get a few pics. I love the look of winter branches agains a clear blue sky.

I found a few clumps of lillies bravely making their debut:
And some optimistic hyacinths breaking through as well:
(And yes, I do see those evil weeds peeking through, too.)

I guess everyone enjoys a winter stroll. I met this hen out going about her business:
And, below, the smiling face of my best friend:
Nothing like a winter walk.

Beth :o)


  1. You have the cutest best friend ever! I LOVE Blue Heelers. We have one named Blue. The smartest of breeds, can't get anything past him! And he is my son's best friend, or maybe my son is Blue's best friend. hehe! They are like Timmy and Lassie! Blue follows him everywhere, even to church!

  2. I agree! Of all our dogs, Cricket is the smartest, by far. I'd like to have a red heeler, too. Unfortunately, we are at our quota on dogs... ha!