Monday, March 11, 2013

A Trip into the Woods

We decided to take a Sunday evening trip back into the woods.  We went off our land on an old woods road and rode out past a few other places.  That's one good thing about living here- as long as you aren't hunting, no one minds if you're just passing through.
This road is so old- my grandmother was born on a farm back in these woods back in 1911.  Back then, this was the main road and all this was farmland.

Sad to say, but much of the land back here has been clear cut.  It looks awful. At least I could use this as a chance to talk to my daughter about being good stewards of the land, and about greed.

I just don't see how a child can grow up whole without a healthy appreciation for nature.  We need to teach our babies to love the earth and its creatures. I love seeing the wonder in her eyes when we get out and explore.

Here are some deer tracks we found. There were also what appeared to be wild turkey tracks and some smaller bird as well.

The sun was setting. Time to head back to the house and have supper. Goodnight woods. Goodnight animals. Sleep tight.

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