Friday, March 22, 2013

Skywatch Friday

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This photo was taken from an upstairs window of our house last Sunday evening. Unfortunately we had a tornado Monday (the very next day) and one of the foreground trees is no longer with us.
(See Stormy Weather)

See you next Friday!
Beth :)


  1. Very pretty! Sorry to hear you lost a tree ... and more. Glad the animals were okay.

  2. Hi Beth
    Beautiful photo, I love the colors! How scary... a tornado!!! Yikes...I can't imagine, thankfully you only lost a tree. Thanks for visiting my space today.
    Have a great weekend

  3. Wow, scary. You never know what the weather will do! Glad you are OK.

  4. Very beautiful and colorful sky.

  5. Very calming and beautiful colors-glad it was only the tree and not your home or your family!

  6. Gorgeous layered sunset and delicate tracery of trees. What a pity about the tree you lost. It takes a while to adjust to a different view from a window.