Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Skywatch

This is my second week participating in Skywatch, a Friday meme hosted by Last week was great! I met some awesome people and gained a follower! (Always love to gain followers!!- And if you follow me, I will always follow you back.)

I took this pic this afternoon. I had been cleaning, opening up windows and airing the place out. This was taken from my back deck.

It's been a beautiful day! 70 degrees and windy. The little buds are showing on the trees, and of course my Georgia pines are green as always.

Hoping everyone has a beautiful Friday! Planning to get up early and head out to the flea market tomorrow! Check out my blog tomorrow night or Sunday for that!

Beth :o)


  1. What a sweet cotton-wool cloud drifting in the blue.

  2. Nice shot! Its nice seeing the signs of Spring.

  3. Lovely shot. Looks like a perfect day.

  4. Nice shot of a beautiful day!! Hope you had fun!!