Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stormy Weather

Ok I knew we were expecting storms Monday evening, but no one mentioned the T word, ok? My daughter and I had just arrived at home, fed the animals, and were getting ready to get into our Monday evening dinner-homework-bath routine. I noticed the air had that thick feeling, and the only color I can find to describe things was funky-greeny-grey. I said, "You know, we should probably go on and take our baths before the power goes out, while we can still see to do it." And just then, right on cue, the lights went out.
 Within a couple seconds, the world went nuts. I swear, it was hailing quarter-sized hail sideways! I tried to use my cell to check the weather, but no signal. I had been listening to a Rome radio station on the way home and there were no tornado warnings, except in south Georgia. Well, not in Rome, maybe. Maybe I should try a local station now and then. Lesson learned. As it turned out, there was  tornado passing close by. 
When it was over and done with, our house only suffered minor (cosmetic) damage. However, there was a semi-circular path of downed trees that cut a path around our house. Tornado or straight-line winds? I don't know. All I know is, it seemed as if our angels were on our house diverting it around us.
At first I thought we only had one tree down. Not so... as my husband arrived home he found more damage. Luckily, our family and our animals are ok. I am thanking God for that.
The power came back on this morning and we ventured out to look things over in the sunlight.

This is where we found the trampoline- upside down at the edge of the woods.
The top of the sandbox is beside it.

Here it is after it was "rescued".
(Those are my daughter's trampoline steps. Life is hard when you're five, OK?)

This used to be the roof of a chicken pen. No idea where the pen is. No chickens were inside (thankfully),
 Well, this used to be trees.

Chicken house

Unfortunately, there was a chicken house here when this big tree turned over.

This tree fell and took out a section of fence. Luckily, it was an inside section, so nobody escaped.

This used to be a storage building for chicken feed.

All in all, we are so blessed.We are OK. Our house is OK. Our animals are OK. As a good friend told me yesterday, things, after all, are just things.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what dreadful damage. But your trampoline did make me smile - they seem designed to be picked up by high winds. See my post about a similar trampoline in Scotland:http://occasionalscotland.blogspot.co.uk/2011/12/country-walk.html