Friday, March 8, 2013

Skywatch Friday

I found this awesome meme hosted by and just HAD to get in on it! Such beautiful photos! If you have never checked it out then you are missing out!

I took my skywatch photo this afternoon when I noticed these beautiful, tiny patches of red against a blue, blue sky.

What is your sky looking like on this beautiful Friday?

Beth :o)


  1. Great composition, Beth! Love the movement of the limbs with the surprise of color!

  2. What a beautiful blue sky. Love it!! What is blooming on that shrub or? So glad you found Sky Watch---pretty neat, huh. MB

  3. Beautiful shot! I love the patches of red on the tree. Could be a sign of spring. I hope you enjoy the view at Sky Watch!!

  4. So beautiful! NW Georgia is gorgeous. We're starting to see blooms in central Alabama, too. Thanks for visiting my blog!