Thursday, January 2, 2014

Orange You Glad It's Friday?!

Giant lighted crappie taken near Weiss Lake, Alabama (the crappie capital of the world).

I took this photo at what is commonly known as "The Leesburg Lights". Each year, in December, this gentleman adds many lighted creatures (which move!!) to his yard. Droves of people from all over the south come to walk through his yard and marvel at his creations. This is absolutely FREE and is a yearly tradition with many families.

By the way- that fishie isn't breathing fire- he's eating an orange frog!

Orange You Glad It's Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Life's Sweets And Spices.


  1. Neato!! How nice to have such a neighbor, and thanks for this unusual pic.

    1. Thank you!!! ANd thanks for stopping by!!