Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Surprised by Snow 2014

So we knew from about a week ago there would be snow. But should we worry? Nooooo!ONly a light dusting,  they said. Less than half an inch, they said.....

There has been a lot of laughter at the expense of the south this week, but please consider- we believed that the Weather Channel told us.....
When I arrived at work Tuesday morning I checked the National Weather Service, which said we'd get about 3 inches of snow. But then I checked the weather chaannel, and it said less than half an inch. Who did I believe? Who did most of the south beleive?

 Let's face it- We rarely get snow here, RARELY!! Of course we believe the source that says we will get very little accumulation....

the goldfish pond

the driveway

the main mountain road

 So, yes, we were unprepared. We put our trust in the wrong sources.
 After hitting a ditch, I left my car at the foot of the mountain.

ice on the pond

The Duck Pond

Going Sledding (with a pool float)

This is our road about 5:00 today..not much change. We will have freezing temps tonight as well. I can say that this is one girl who will listen to the National Weather Service from now on. Lesson Learned....


  1. Very nice pics Beth. Glad you know you can count on the right source this time.