Sunday, January 12, 2014

Scenes From A Sunday

What a welcome reprieve from that awful cold weather! I honestly don't know how Northerners stand it! If it isn't going to snow, who needs the cold?

My hubby and I took a Sunday walk today. It's good to just walk out the front door into the woods and enjoy nature. It grounds me and gets me ready for the week ahead.

This is the duck pond in the woods below the house.

Love that blue, blue sky!

I've always thought the fields were pretty in winter.
I used to walk this field with my daddy when I was little looking for animal tracks. To me, it was a big adventure.

Wonder who lives here?

 Mama deer has been this way....

So, what were the scenes from your Sunday? 

I will publish more scenes from mine on my Mellow Yellow Mondays and Blue Monday posts tomorrow. Be sure to drop by!

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